Transforming Breakthrough Science into High-Growth Businesses

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Over the course of the 9-month program, you will receive:

Mentorship from serial entrepreneurs and business leaders

Business leaders, serial entrepreneurs, and seasoned executives will help you craft your company’s vision through time-bound, performance-based goals.

Access to leading VCs and investors

Investment mentors will guide you in successfully raising capital, make connections with New York’s investment community, and may even invest in your startup.

Technical guidance from leading scientists

Prominent scientists and researchers across a myriad of verticals will help you mold your technology development strategy.

Business development support from Stern MBA students

NYU Stern’s MBA students will support you in a variety of ways based on your specific business needs.

Frequent touchpoints with EFL team members

The EFL’s expert team will keep you on track to accomplishing your goals by optimizing your access to mentors, MBA students, and other resources throughout the program.

Services and support from corporate partners

EFL’s corporate partners donate many hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of in-kind legal, financial, and technological services.


New Frontiers of Tomorrow

Science. The endless frontier. A report to the US President by Vannevar Bush, Director of the office of Science Research and Development. July 1945

Tracks Available

Endless Frontier Labs operates two tracks — Deep Tech and Life Sciences.

Deep Tech

Life Sciences

Our Story

Inspired by a report written during the FDR era, Endless Frontier Labs embodies the spirit of science and technology based development that carried post-WWII American industry to new heights. EFL carries its name to honor and carry forward the drive for science based innovation that Vannevar Bush sought when he wrote “Science: The Endless Frontier”


At the Endless Frontier Labs, we are driven by a transformational mission—to make the world a better place through the successful application of new scientific knowledge. We pursue our mission through a performance-driven mentoring program for founders of seed-stage startups. We reinforce our commitment to our mission by adhering to the following core values.

  1. Founder Friendly. We are committed to pursuing actions in the long-term interests of entrepreneurs. We do not take equity or fees from founders. Each core aspect of the program seeks to maximize the best interests of founders before, during, and after their formal engagement in our cohorts.
  2. Inclusivity. We are committed to building an inclusive and equitable community for now and for our future. We will provide an environment that is free of bias, prejudice, discrimination, and harassment.
  3. Excellence. We are committed to (a) selecting founders with extraordinarily bold, new ideas, (b) providing intimate access to outstanding mentors, and (c) eliciting maximum effort from mentors and founders to accelerate the societal impact of breakthrough science.

Like all great endeavors, we value integrity, inclusiveness, and collaboration. With these values, we hope to contribute towards carrying forward the vision set out in “Science: The Endless Frontier.”

Endless Frontier Labs is committed to developing the best startups and speeding the adoption of the next generation of transformative science and technology. Applications are now open!

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