What is Endless Frontier Labs?

EFL is a structured mentoring program that provides founders with resources, support and advice to optimize your chances for success. During the course of EFL’s 9-month program, we host 5 in-person sessions to bring together startups with mentors and investors to set goals and to prioritize tasks over the subsequent 2 months.

How is EFL different than other programs/accelerators/incubators?

EFL’s mission is educational. We do not take any equity in the companies and do not charge any fees. It is a 9-month program allowing for ample time for founders to make the progress necessary towards becoming a high-growth company. Startups can and are encouraged to participate in EFL and other programs simultaneously

What is a performance-driven mentoring process?

Unlike other mentorship programs, EFL provides structure and accountability for startups by setting goals at each of 5 in-person sessions. 3 goals per session are determined by the mentors and provide a framework for the startup to prioritize tasks over the subsequent 2 months.

How do I get access to capital?

Startups can raise funds at any point during the program and all deals are done outside of the EFL purview. During the final session, a startup can ask if there is any interest in the room to have a financing meeting. The startup manager can coordinate introductions, but there is no commitment for mentors to make an investment.

What do the MBA students do for their startups?

MBA students are there to help solve known and unknown business problems for their startup CEOs. At a minimum, MBAs are required to complete 5 assignments based on goals set by mentors, but we have seen MBA students provide further value by leveraging their networks to make introductions to major companies, traveling to conferences, and joining high-profile meetings with industry professionals.

What does early-stage mean?

We have a broad definition of early-stage. Some companies can be straight out of the lab, while others could have raised a million dollars in funding. Any startup that is pre-Series A could be a good fit.

What is the difference between Life Science, Deep Tech, and Digital Tech?

Our definitions are broad and our goal is bringing in the best startups with the most exciting technologies. Our program focuses on startups who have a core technology they are looking to commercialize as opposed to a startup that is based on an execution play. If you are unsure which track your startup fits into please let us know if you have a preference and this will be decided once we have received all applications in August. Life Sciences is for startups with breakthroughs in biology, medicine, and healthcare. Deep Tech is for startups developing technologies in the physical and materials sciences. Digital Tech is for startups leveraging improvements in software, data analytics, AI and ML.

Do I need an NYU or NYC affiliation to apply?

No, any startup from anywhere in the world can apply.

Do I need a team to apply?

No, we have had single founders successfully complete the program. The key is that they are technical and able to execute on the scientific/technical advice provided by the mentors.

Do I need to be technical to apply?

Our hypothesis is that combining top scientists with elite business advice will yield exceptional results. Our program is best suited for technical teams who need help starting up their company, so the startup must have some level of technical talent on the core team.

Do I have to fly in for interview day?

No, if you are located more than 3 hours outside of NYC you can opt to do a Zoom interview.

Still have a question?

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