Endless Frontier Labs MBA Class 

The Endless Frontier Labs class is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about the selection, management and financing of massively scalable startups through a series of interactions with early-stage science and technology companies and their potential investors. This course is suitable for students pursuing careers in entrepreneurship, innovation, strategy, entrepreneurial finance, venture capital and new product development.

The EFL MBA Class is administered in conjunction with the nine-month Endless Frontier Labs program which has emerged as among the world’s most selective programs for accelerating startups working on breakthrough science and technologies.  

Final deadline to apply is Wednesday, June 16th at 5:00pm ET. 

Elizabeth Elting Fund

Investing in women-led startups that advance human welfare through science and technology.

A Fund For Women Founded Startups

The Liz Elting Fund will provide investment capital and other support to women founded startups. To be considered for the fund a startup must have graduated from the EFL program. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat Ictibus modit abore ipsum dolor sit amet consectetuer adipiscing elit.

Experiential Learning

Work hands-on with Life Sciences and Deep Tech startups in this full-year course. MBA2’s (including but not limited to: Langone MBA, Tech MBA, JD/MBA, MD/MBA) admitted to the program will work alongside EFL staff and world-renowned mentors in helping commercialize ground-breaking science and technology.

Learn from current and past MBAs about their experience as part of the Endless Frontier Labs class. You can also learn more about Wilson Keng’s (Stern MBA ’20) journey from joining the EFL MBA class to working full-time as Head of Business Development for the EFL startup he was paired with. 



  • Register here for an in-house information session led by Professor Deepak Hegde
  • Learn more at the Experiential Learning Info Session
  • Sign up for office hours meetings with EFL MBA course manager, Linda Meehan


During the fall semester, students will focus on 

  1. Evaluating early stage startups  
  2. Startup business models 

During the spring semester, students will focus on:

  1. Resourcing startup business models (startup  financing) 
  2. Implementing business models and scaling

Students will be instrumental in the selection of the startups in the next 2021/2022 EFL cohort.  Students will then be paired with startups to provide hands-on support to help execute business priorities.  Students gain invaluable first-hand experience of the entrepreneurial mindset by taking part in the life of a startup, playing a vital role in the development of their startups.

Students will attend up to five EFL Meeting Days. The EFL Meetings are core to the EFL Program.  At EFL Meetings, startups engage with our network of highly accomplished mentors, including industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs, VC investors and technical experts to set short-term goals.

Learning from these interactions, students work with their startups and provide hands-on support to achieve those EFL goals. This invaluable interaction allows students to reframe their MBA class learnings and perspectives to tackle the challenges their startups face.



Will this course be in-person or remote this fall?

Endless Frontier Labs operates in accordance with NYU and New York State policies and guidance. Please check NYU’s main website for updates and instructions. 

When will I hear back about my application status?

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. The final deadline to apply is Wednesday, June 16th by 5pm ET. All other applications received after the deadline will be reviewed depending on availability. Please note that students applying from the Tech MBA program will have extended deadlines.

Will I be allowed to select the startup we work with?

Students will rank order the startups they are interested in working with. Startups will also provide preferences of backgrounds of students they are interested in working with as well as possible projects they need assistance with.

What will time commitments look like? 

After students are matched with startups in the late fall semester, they will be asked to spend approximately 8 hours per week (depending on other school/work commitments and school breaks).

Where can I learn more?

Please attend one of the EFL MBA Information session linked above. 

For any other course-related questions, please email info@endlessfrontierlabs.com.

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