2020- 2021

Transforming Breakthrough Science into High-Growth Businesses.

At the Endless Frontier Labs, we are driven by a transformational mission—to make the world a better place through the successful application of new scientific knowledge. We pursue our mission through a performance-driven mentoring program for founders of seed-stage startups. We reinforce our commitment to our mission by adhering to the following core values.

1. Founder Friendly. We are committed to pursuing actions in the long-term interests of entrepreneurs. We do not take equity or fees from founders. Each core aspect of the program seeks to maximize the best interests of founders before, during, and after their formal engagement in our cohorts.

2. Inclusivity. We are committed to building an inclusive and equitable community for now and for our future. We will provide an environment that is free of bias, prejudice, discrimination, and harassment.

3. Excellence. We are committed to (a) selecting founders with extraordinarily bold, new ideas, (b) providing intimate access to outstanding mentors, and (c) eliciting maximum effort from mentors and founders to accelerate the societal impact of breakthrough science.

Upcoming Webinars

8/13 at 3 PM EDT
8/14 at 11 AM EDT
8/17 at 2 PM EDT
8/18 at 3 PM EDT
8/19 at 9 AM EDT
8/20 at 11 AM EDT