Life SciencesMentor

Amy is a managing partner in the New York office focusing on investments in healthcare companies. She currently serves as executive chair of SQZ Biotech along with Lyndra Therapeutics, where she was co-founder and the company’s initial CEO. She also represents Polaris as a director of Cyclerion, DewPoint Therapeutics, Kallyope, Quentis, and Volastra. Amy joined Polaris in 2014, when she became CEO of Arsia Therapeutics, a Polaris-backed company later acquired by Eagle Pharmaceuticals. Before joining Polaris, Schulman was the general counsel of Pfizer, president of Pfizer Nutrition, and was instrumental in its $11.85 billion sale to Nestle in 2012. Soon after, Schulman became the president of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. She is a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School and serves on the Boards of Directors of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and the Whitehead Institute. She is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Wesleyan University and earned her J.D. from Yale Law School.